Sounds of Time



Sounds of Time is an exploration of how sound alters our temporal relation to video. Within the work, a twenty-second video is continuously repeated with the soundtrack of each iteration gradually changing. By altering the properties of sound such as amplitude, pitch, rhythm, tempo and texture, a sense of pacing forms within the work. With each loop, the sound demands more of our attention. The initial loop is devoid of sound, a timer is overlaid on the video to notify the audience of the length of each iteration in real-time. The second iteration removes the timer, slowing down our perception of time until diegetic sound is eventually introduced. A property of sound is altered with each repetition, diegetic sound becomes non-diegetic, the volume and frequencies gradually rise, the tempo and texture began to flutter and become less continuous. These properties, often used in conjunction with each other speeds up our perception of time. The loops continuously build to a climax when instantly all sound is removed, bringing our perception of time to a halt. The work ends with the return of the timer, counting down the final iteration in real-time, realigning our temporal relation with reality.